Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introduce to Our Family

Here I am blogging surprise to the author that I am not. I am finally going to update you all about our life while living here in Indiana after four wonderful years.

Let me tell all you how our sweet Jamesy Boy is doing. James has grown in leaps and bounds he is no longer tube fed, we had his tube removed in early 09. He eats everything except yogurt. He is eight and has blossom with his vocabulary, colors, and shapes. He has become very expressive with his words and his actions and sense of humor. He makes our day with a laugh. He loves hugging everyone no matter who you are. This is a child whom the doctors said he wouldn't amount to nothing. I would love to surprise them all right now. After we adopted James in 04, we thought our family was complete but to our surprise "GOD" had other plans as you will read later in my blog.

Forgive me about no photo shots at this time later after I get the hang of this blogging thing I will post pictures. (My dear friend will have to show me this next step).

Well after being here in Indiana for a few months Paul and I thought our home was to quiet so we had prayed for god to move us in a way to be used. We got the word to fos/adopted again. After attending a training again with a outside agency we asked god to please place some children with us as soon as possible. You all understand that gods calling only comes to you while in prayer and at his time. We had heard immediately about Wednesday's Child on TV. They would be holding a meeting at a local church in town the following Saturday. Paul and I attended that meeting and as we where walking out the news lady Liz from Wednesday's Child on channel 32 asked us to come back in to review a young man that she felt was needing to be adopted right away. We took his information and went home to pray. To our surprise his social worker gave us a call immediately and set up an appointment to discussed his special needs. His name was Shawn and he was fifteen. We met Shawn in July of 08 and he came home just a few weeks later. Shawn is now our son and is sixteen. Yes, we have a teenager in our home. Shawn has CP/Quad and is in a wheelchair he is very smart,funny,outgoing,silly and loves UofL football and basketball team go "Cards". He loves to sing he hopes someday to be on American Idol keep praying ha ha. We adopted Shawn in Dec. of 09.

Soon after that about six months later god called again. Our phone rang and it was another county worker asking us if we wanted a sweet lovable little girl she was five. I asked Paul once he came home from work about this call he definitely want this to happen. So I called the worker back and just a few months later we got the news we needed to meet for a placement meeting. Well to our surprise we never had done this before but lets go for it honey. We met her two weeks later to bring her home very soon after that in June. McKenna is six now very loving, strong willed and just a joy. She is blind, has CP,thyroid problems,and is taking Hormone Growth Shots she as well is in a wheelchair. She is small structure and little chubby but that fits right in here in our home. She came to us on a bottle and no food to be eating now real food and drinking from a sippy cup all on her own. Her strong sense is smell once she hears a package open our food cooking in the kitchen she comes a scooting and her arms a flying across the room so fast. The small things are a wonderful accomplishments to us and we praise her for every one she completes. She is trying to walk w/a walker and talk out some words as to do the best ever. She has a smile to kill your heart forever. We hope sometime in late March to complete her adoption.

Again after laying back resting with the kids we have our loving "GOD" call again. Paul was away working in California for five months to me receiving this call from another worker that mention we have a little one that you could bring happiness to he will fit right in your home. I called Paul and said honey, we got another call about a little one not letting him know that I said yes already to the worker. And as Paul fell out of the plane to have landed on the pavement to say "YES" honey. Dakota came home two days before Christmas. Dakota has several special needs they are CP,CMV,Asthma,Seizures,Microcphyluas. He is a cuddly lovable little guy. We will be changing his name to Samuel Issac "Strength" as he well needs strength. We hope to keep him forever. Please keep him in prayer as well as all of our children need this and we thank you munches.

Paul and I wouldn't change any thing in our lives at this time and would do this again if God calls. We appreciate each one of our children including our older ones and we know God is watching over each one. We are overjoyed with our family.

If god calls anyone of you who has read about our little blessing and feels the need to adopt please GO unto him. Their is so many unloved children that are in need of a loving home.

God Bless,
Diana & Paul